When we started Efratech, we had two core services: software development and web design. With these services, we covered our main selling point (custom software) and at the same time offered a more complete service package to our clients that needed a presentation website as well.

Our initial idea, was that when a client approaches us in order to develop an application, we should be able to offer a website as well in order to promote that app or service. But this did not work according to our plan, and we started to have more and more requests for web design service in its own.

This is a good problem to have, right? Well, not always. As a software development company our focus is on tools and technologies that are very different from the tools and technologies that are usually used in a web design agency. This resulted in having two independent internal structures to serve both of the services. More than that in 2022 we were very close to adding a third branch to our services: a marketing service that would have spread our focus even more.

We realized that in today’s fast-paced world, focus is key to achieving success. Focus allows us to prioritize our goals and resources, concentrate our efforts, and deliver exceptional results. But to achieve focus, we needed to learn to say no. Saying no is not easy, but it is essential to maintain our focus and avoid distractions.

In order to put this into practice, starting with 2023 we gave up on our web design service and decided to concentrate on a single core service: software development. It was a very hard thing to do considering all the clients with which we worked and the projects we have been involved in. We had to give up 30+ web design projects and entrust them in the hands of a partner of ours.

But we believe that saying no will allow us to focus our efforts on our core service, which in turn allows us to build more expertise, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional results. By saying no to projects that are outside of our core service offering, we can maintain our focus and provide the highest quality service to our clients and partners.

In order to achieve focus we had to go through three steps

  1. Services definition
    We had a lot of discussions and analysis in order to identify what is the best definition for our core services and we ended up with the five services: mobile development, web development, UI/UX design, backend development, and cloud development. These services represent what we currently do best as a software development company and by defining them like this we are able to better communicate to our clients and partners what we do.
  2. Projects selection
    Once we identified our services, we had to be selective about the project we take on. Only accepting projects that align with our core services will allow us to deliver exceptional results. Saying no to other projects that are outside of our code services may be difficult, but it is essential to maintain focus and provide the highest quality service.
  3. Expertise improvement
    It is impossible to maintain focus if we do not build expertise in our core services. This means investing in training, staying up to date with the latest technology and trends, and constantly improving our process. Building expertise in our core services will allow us to deliver exceptional results and maintain our focus.

In conclusion, for us at Efratech, focus is about saying no. By defining our services, selecting our projects and improving our expertise we believe we will be able to focus in a way we were not able before and deliver exceptional results.

Mihai Motorca,